God’s Awesomeness and Power

by on September 02, 2022

Today has been one of those days—one where plans fall apart in all sorts of ways. I’m sure you’ve experienced that at least once before in your life… maybe you’re even experiencing it right now! As I’ve reflected on this experience, my mind keeps coming back to one verse of Psalm 29. It’s a wonderful psalm written by King David, so if you can, take some time to read through and meditate on it before you continue. It’s short, and it should only take a couple minutes.

I’ll summarize briefly. The Psalm paints a vivid picture of God’s awesomeness and especially His power over creation. God’s voice thunders over the whole earth. He merely speaks, and countless amazing things happen. Everything in this psalm is a wonder: God’s voice shatters trees, destroys nations, shakes the wilderness, and it even makes the deer give birth. It’s so wondrous, that all the people in God’s temple can’t help but cry, “Glory!” If this psalm were originally written in English, I bet the people would simply be saying, “Wow!”

This is all good stuff, but it’s not the verse I’m thinking of. The verse which is coming to mind is verse 10, “The LORD sits enthroned over the flood; the LORD sits enthroned as king forever.” What’s the point David is making in this psalm? In the midst of all the chaos—falling trees, fallen nations, a shaking wilderness—God is in control. In fact, if the flood is our focus in this psalm, we know that God is not only in control, he’s using what may seem catastrophic for the good of his creation. This is a lesson Paul will teach almost a thousand years later: “all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose” (Romans 8:28). What good news for us, God’s children, called according to His purpose!

A lot has been “shaken up” in our world in the last few years. And a lot more may be shaken up still. But one truth remains unshakable: the God who made it all sits enthroned over the storms of our life. We may be tossed to and fro by the waves, but we have a God who is unphased by it all—and not only that—we have a God who is willing and able to help in the midst of it, too. Thanks be to God in Christ Jesus our Lord!

God’s Peace, Pastor Josh Reifsteck