Junk Mail

Junk Mail

by Steve Rensner on September 03, 2020

Many people anxiously wait for the mail. As a child I remember making a dash to the mail box. The mail was placed on the kitchen table where my father sat to eat. When he returned home from work he went through the day’s mail. Our dog knew about what time the mail was delivered each day. He attentively sat by the front door waiting to hear the clank of the mail box. Of course without the Internet more billing statements and other vital pieces of mail were sent through the USPS.

Today I find that many of the contents which are placed in our mail box would be classified as junk mail. My definition of junk mail applies to items that have virtually no relevance for our household. We have lived in our current home for nearly 4 years now and we are still receiving mail for the previous occupants. (Even though both of the previous owners are deceased) How much “junk mail” do you receive each day?

God cautions us to be on guard for worthless things that the world brings to our doorsteps each day. Satan attempts to infiltrate our homes through the Internet, TV, and even print material. Anything that hinders our growing relationship with God would be considered junk mail from Satan. We call on the Holy Spirit to help us to discern what is good and proper. We are bombarded each day by ideas and practices which are contrary to God’s Word. We stand FULLY COMMITTED in faith as we are strengthened through His Word and Sacraments, worship, and prayer. We are then able to take that junk mail and RETURN TO SENDER!! (And with postage due!!!)

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