Update from Calvary member Aaron Levenhagen who is currently a seminary student at the St. Louis Seminary.

by Aaron Levenhagen on September 21, 2022

Family Update

I need to begin with an apology: I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have written. But I am excited to share with you the highlights what have been a crazy few months for our family. It has just been a blur! From the excitement of receiving my vicarage assign-ment on Call Day, to wrapping up my second year of study at the Sem-inary, to beginning my vicarage assignment, to the extraordinary blessing of being able to tour and study in Israel…there is so much to tell!

In April, I was blessed to receive my vicarage assign-ment to Our Savior Lutheran Church and Early Childhood Center in St. Charles, Missouri. Staying in the Saint Louis area for the next year will allow Nathan to finish high school here, which is a real answer to prayer. Our Savior is a midsize congregation with a thriving early childhood center that reaches over one hundred kids every day, ranging from six weeks old up to pre-K. With that many tiny humans around ensures that there is never a boring day in the office!

I began serving on July 5th and was installed on the following Sunday. I have been able to preach couple of times so far and will be preaching roughly every other Sunday from here on out. If you like, you can check out on of my recent sermons here: (https://youtu.be/lwlJBr9EHOE?t=1500, or scan the QR code to the right). I have also had the opportunity to teach adult Bible classes, give devotions for the summer day camp, hospital visitation, planning for a com-munity block party, among other things. It is going to be a busy year! I am al-ready learning so much from Rev. Dr. Mike Iannelli, DCE Mark Engelhardt, and the rest of the staff at the church. It is a bit easy amid seminary studies to lose sight of what sparked your passion for ministry. These early months on vicarage have really reinvigorated me and renewed my passion for the pastoral ministry.

Jill wrapped up her part-time work for the LWML in mid-June. She had been performing various web design and communications functions. But we really felt that Faith needed a bit more of her time and focus during this school year. It has already proven to have been the right choice for our family.

I cannot believe I am saying this, but Nathan has started his senior year of high school. He continues to juggle his studies, his part-time job at the Kartplex and his passion for competitive racing. His move up to the Margay Ignite karting series has been more challenging than he expected, but we have seen tremendous growth in his racecraft, even if the results have not always been what he would like. Keep him in your prayers as he begins to think about what next steps after high school will help him to best reach his goals.

Last, but certainly not least is Faith. She is now in the eighth grade at Christ Community Lutheran School. She is active in the Ignite Youth Theater Company and was recently cast in “Elf: The Musical” so she will be rehearsing that throughout the Fall in preparation for performances in December. She is also active in youth groups at the Seminary and at our vicarage congregation.

Click here for my full newsletter, where you will find a travelogue of sorts from my study trip to Israel. It will give you just a taste of what I experienced there. As always, thank you for your faithful support and prayers. They mean the world to us!

—Aaron Levenhagen