by Emily Spelde on June 14, 2019

48 adults from 6 congregations participated in Calvary's day trip to Wayne County, Indiana, on June 5th.

At the Levi and Catherine Historic Site and Interpretive Center in Fountain City, the group learned about the courage of the Coffin family, who served as major "conductors," assisting runaway slaves through the system known as the Underground Railroad. Volunteer Eileen Baker-Wall shared stories of her great, great grandfather, William Bush, a slave who connected with the Coffins and was able to settle and raise a family in Fountain City (formerly called Newport, Indiana.) Driving through Richmond, we saw many of the city's 18 outdoor murals.

After lunch at Richmond's Little Sheba's Restaurant the group toured Reid Presbyterian Church to see and hear about the Tiffany stained glass windows and decor. Special thanks to Sue King, Archivist at Morrisson-Reeves Library, for our private tour, and to Richmond's Convention and Tourism Bureau staff for arranging permission to tour the building, which no longer houses a congregation.

Adult Day Trip June 2019

Adult Day trip to Richmond-Wayne County Indiana