On September 16, 2021, Calvary generously responded, again, to provide school kits for Lutheran World Relief Project Promise.

by Karen Wright on October 02, 2021

In places where education is not affordable or accessible to all, many families are forced by their economic realities to choose which of their children go to school. Most often, though the decision is difficult, the oldest male child is the one who has the opportunity. That means that essentially half of that community’s or country’s population does not have the means to explore and reach their potential as productive and active members of society. Providing simple tools such as those found in LWR School Kits helps those families have one less difficult decision to make.

Calvary’s generosity provided over*:

  • 165 Homemade Cloth Backpacks
  • 165 Rulers
  • 825 Pens
  • 660 Notebooks
  • 165 Safety Scissors
  • 165 Pencil Sharpeners
  • 165 Boxes of Crayons
  • 825 Pencils
  • 165 Erasers

*Extra supplies will be used for Operation Christmas Child and by our Calvary School.

MANY THANKS to the following:

  • Sew Blessed and Quilt Group for donating fabric.
  • Karen Hand for sewing 165 backpacks.
  • Carolyn Dorsey, Elise Wolf, Betty Bardonner, Karen Hand and Karen Wright for threading the backpacks with cord.
  • Calvary members for their generous donations of school supplies.
  • Marilyn Rothkopf, Karen Hand, Phyllis Birdwell, Candy O’Bryan, Paula Fisk, Margaret Mowery, Rosie Blazek, Judy Glenday, Peggy Daerin, Emily Spelde, and Karen Wright for assembling the backpacks and packing them for shipping.

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