October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

by on September 27, 2019

Our pastors, staff and their families are such a blessing to Calvary.  Take time this month to give a handshake with a few kind words, send a card, say a prayer and give thanks for…

  • Kurt (Sarah) Ebert (Senior Pastor)
  • Josh (Laura) Reifsteck (Associate Pastor)
  • Udhay (Kalai) Raji (Tamil Community and hospital chaplain)
  • Sam (Molly) Troemel (Youth & Family)
  • Emily (Tony) Spelde (Adult Ministry).

Calvary members serving elsewhere:

  • Bob (Ruth) Armao (Lutheran High teacher/pastor)
  • Bill (Debbie) Yates (Director, Air National Guard Chaplain Corps).

Retired pastors at Calvary:

  • Howard (Bev) Fabricius
  • Harvey (Carol) Lange
  • Gene (Betty) Lauterbach
  • Ray (Jan) Main
  • Jim (Connie) Myers
  • Art (Joy) Wehrmeister

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