A Place of Service: Two Contrasting Pictures

Feb 24, 2021

A Place of Service: Two Contrasting Pictures

Passage: Luke 22:24-30

Preacher: Pastor Kurt Ebert

Series: Lent

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: service, conflict, glory, serve, honor, servant, humble, argument


We live in a world of stark contrasts. From our cultural views to our political parties to our socio-economic realities, contrasts abound in our world today and the same was true in the time of Jesus as well. In our Gospel reading from Luke 22:24-30, we see two different pictures of identity and meaning unfold. We see the disciples still arguing among themselves of who is the greatest and in contrast we see the humble service of our Savior who not only tends to their needs at the table but all our needs at the cross. Which image will dominate your life? Join us this week in the Upper Room, a true place of service.


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