Faith Is ...

Aug 25, 2019

Faith Is ...

Passage: Luke 13

Preacher: Pastor Joshua Reifsteck

Series: Pentecost

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: faith, family, confidence, now, familiarity


(Image Copyright 2014 Faithlife / Logos Bible Software 8) The most difficult words of Scripture are often said by Jesus himself. But if we come to these words confident of Jesus’ love for us, we can trust that even difficult words are for our good. Like the rest of the disciples, we often need to be challenged in our presuppositions and our complacency. But our Lord is faithful and gracious. He doesn’t leave us in confusion or sin, he comes to us and works on our heart. He challenges us to more closely follow him. Amazingly, He even chooses to work through people like us to build his church. And he’s managed to build up his church—and build up his people—for the last two thousand years. Whether he’s challenging you or comforting you today, trust him to continue to accomplish his mission in you.

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