Apr 01, 2021


Passage: John 15:5-8

Preacher: Pastor Sam Troemel

Series: Holy Week

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: communion, vine, separation, distance, grafted, lord’s supper


A popular practice in bringing dying grapevines back to to health is called grafting. In this practice, a notch is cut into the dying vine and a healthy vine is tightly placed in it as the two vines becomes one. In the book of John, Jesus refers to himself as the One True Vine. When He invites us to receive His communion meal, He is inviting us to graft to Him and receive His forgiveness. In the area of separation brought on by the many difficult events of 2020, Maundy Thursday and Jesus’ institution of the Lord’s Supper serves as a much needed reminder that not only are we grafted to Jesus, but through this special meal, we are grafted to each other as well.

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