Praise Where Praise Is Due

Apr 11, 2021

Praise Where Praise Is Due

Passage: Psalms

Preacher: Pastor Joshua Reifsteck

Series: Calvary Prays

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: prayer, praise, power, lowliness


Today, we begin our sermon series on prayer. “Calvary prays.” Oh that we had that reputation! What would it look like? What would it mean for our lives and our community? What would it take? Today, we begin to ask that question, focused on prayers of adoration and praise. One of the cornerstones of prayer throughout Scripture is the character of God! Why do we pray for forgiveness? Because God is merciful. Why do we pray for help? Because is powerful! Why do we pray for anything at all? Because we believe God can do it. Today we prepare our hearts to pray by asking who God is and praising him for it! Loving and righteous, dead but risen Lord of all! Jesus!

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