That’s What Faith Can Do…

Aug 18, 2019

That’s What Faith  Can Do…

Passage: Hebrews 11:23-12:3

Preacher: Pastor Kurt Ebert

Series: Pentecost

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: faith, race, saints, motivation, endurance


There is so much in this world that can begin to wear us down and burn us out. We find ourselves feeling like we are running a marathon that just won’t quit. Where do we find the energy? Where do we find the peace? Where do we find the motivation to keep on going? The author of Hebrews encourages us today with the much bigger picture of faith. He invites us to see clearly what God has done and is doing in our lives now. When the world is seen through the lens of faith in Jesus, it is amazing how different things appear.

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