by Pastor Joshua Reifsteck on January 04, 2023

This January, we’re starting something new! With the help of many, we’re excited to offer TOPICS, a new yearly Bible study initiative from January through February. 

TOPICS Studies — like the name suggests, are topical Bible studies. Where the Fall Congregational Study goes broad, these studies either go deep in a topic or they explore a topic of more specialized, personal interest. All members are encouraged to join a TOPICS study of their choice this January, whether rejoining their Congregational study group or starting an entirely new group around an area of shared interest. How many topics might we cover in one session? As many as we can find interested groups and willing leaders!

Each year, Parish Education will provide suggested resources for groups and leaders to consider, but leaders can always ask Pastor Reifsteck for help in selecting a resource, or bring their own. We have a whole slew of great Bible studies available. Come check them out!

For our busy families, long-term commitments can be hard, so to meet families where they are, we now offer short-term study opportunities throughout the year. TOPICS in the Winter, Men’s and Women’s Bible studies in Summer, and the Congregational Study in Fall. If a person only participates in these short-term studies, they’ll still be in regular Bible study throughout the year.

We already have a slew of great studies planned. Keep an eye out for studies of such diverse topics as Islam, personal finance, sexual identity, doubt, creation and evolution, and parenting. Got a topic on your heart that you don’t see above? Reach out to Pastor Reifsteck to explore how you and your small group can join in this month.

January is already a time when people are starting or recommitting themselves to good habits. This year, include small group Bible study in your New Year’s resolutions! Join a TOPICS study!

God’s Peace, Pastor Josh Reifsteck