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Weekly Highlights

Midweek Lenten Series: “Restore the Roar” (Online)

Our final installment is Wed, April 1 (7:00 p.m.—online only) - “Lion Alert” (Amos 7:10-17). Read and reflect:

  • What brought on the conflict between Amos & Amaziah?
  • Whose interests were Amaziah & Amos trying to protect?
  • Is conflict a necessary part of life?
  • Are some conflicts unavoidable?

 2020 Lent & Holy Week Bible Challenge

Join us each day in God’s Word as we prepare for the joys of Easter. We will see the whole sweep of Jesus’ ministry through the Gospel of Mark - who he was, what he did, and why it mattered. March 25 through April 12.

Components of the Study

  1. Bible Reading - Choose your adventure of the full reading or the condensed portion.
  2. Reflection Questions - Spend some time journaling and in prayer, as you apply the Word.
  3. Online Video Devotion (optional) - Visit the church Facebook page for a daily reflection.

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Portals of Prayer

Orders for your personal copy of the Portals of Prayer devotional are due by Sun., Mar 29.  Email    

Compassion Ministry—Food Drive & Care Cards

In light of all the current happenings, we know that many are finding themselves out of work, isolated, or living in fear and uncertainty.  We can support one another with our prayers, calls, and offers of help. In addition, for those who might still be out and about we are gathering CANNED GOODS to be given to Calvary connected families in need. Items can be dropped off at Door #1 during office hours Monday – Friday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. or just at the door before or after hours. A table just inside the doors will also hold cards you may want to send others to offer encouragement.  

Calvary Welcomes Tracey Smith

We are happy to introduce Tracey Smith as Calvary's new Director of Children’s Ministry. Tracey and her husband, Jim, are members of Calvary Lutheran Church and have two daughters, Cheri and Sara. Please help us welcome Tracey to the Calvary staff when you see her.

Prayer Support

Submit prayer requests to the church office at (317) 783-2000 or click here for our online prayer request form.


Bev Fabricius (Mar 23)


Mark Hasz; SuAnn Handschy; Nancy McMichael; Amanda Brock; Bob Heid; Janelle McCoy; Susan Clark, sister of Karen Kuehr; Mary Alderman, sister of Dennie Morrison


Chris Hiatt; Jane Weeks; Margie Mason; Connor Miles; Bonnie Brink; Julie Murdock, friend of Steve & Pattie Bardonner;  Eugene Keller; Kelly Fromer, friend of Kristen Schwark; Gene Faubion, father of Jeff Faubion; Virginia Comer, friend of Margie Mason; DeAnn Head, daughter of Eugene Keller; Craig Keller, son of Eugene Keller; Debbie Reese, daughter of Margie Mason; Becky Fields, sister-in-law of Jen Eisberg; Steve Moore, brother of John Moore; Norman Parks, brother of Ellwyn Parks; Crystal Salmon, niece of Eugene Keller; Rylan Reese, grandson of Margie Mason; Norma Crawl, mother of Mike Carpenter; Nicole Munoz, friend of Beckie Hudson; Nancy Torrence, mother of Christy Gerken; Rachel Cox, sister of Rebecca Carow; Bob Oaks, brother-in-law of Matt Francis; Fred Morales, friend of Steve & Barb Sorgius; Ronnie Anderson, brother-in-law of Margie Mason; Heinz & Lenore Jung, parents of Mark Jung; Kelly Parrish, Judy Irwin & Angie Verrill, friends of Margie Mason; Paula Spears, friend of Jim & Kristen Schwark; Chris Harrison, friend of Julie Sessions


Bernice Ross, mother of Dennie Morrison; Gertrude Heiden, mother of Judy Morrison; Al Durkee, father of Matthew Durkee; Imogene Schweyer, mother of Sandra Wilson; Tony Reese, son of Margie Mason; Marsella Dickmeyer, aunt of Mike Carpenter


Our nation’s leaders

Healthcare workers

Those grieving the loss of loved ones

For peace and trust for all in these uncertain times


Connor Combs (NY); Jacob Lesage (TX); Grant Behning (AL); Corey Langhammer (CA); Chaplain Bill Yates (DC); Michael Van Arsdel, grandson of Glory Van Arsdel (deployed); Tommy Austin, friend of Erin Woempner (deployed); Ryan Oaks, nephew of Matt & Joely Francis (US); Braden Wilson, son-in-law of Danielle Burris (deployed); Dylan Bruner, nephew of Patty Rothkopf (US); Anthony & Joseph Fox, grandsons of Anita Fox (AL); Nicholas Haviland, nephew of Steve & Laura Currier (CA); Mathew Giertz, godson of Rich Wilson (US); Andy & Rachel Miller, son & daughter-in-law of Mike & Susie Emmelman (VA); Colton Wilson, Caleb & Japheth Hougesen, grandsons of Rich Wilson (US); Austin Turner, nephew of Glenda Roundtree (WA); Wayde Cochran, great-nephew of  Steve & Pattie Bardonner; Rich Hougesen, son-in-law of Rich Wilson (US)

Lion Alert

Sam Troemel | April 1, 2020

As we continue our Lent series, Restore the Roar, we hear the interaction between Amos and Amaziah, the Priest at Bethel. While Amos hopes to... More

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