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— Caring Callers —

Want to Help During the Quarantine?
Could you make phone calls to 6 of our members, to check how they are doing, if they have any crisis-related needs, and to give encouragement?  If you can help, email or call Emily Spelde,  , 317-695-9366 or Kara Hiatt,  , 317-201-7268.

Sign up is not required for onsite worship!

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Participate in Worship and Bible Studies online – both streamed and recorded.  Click here to go to Calvary's videos on Facebook.

Weekly Highlights

Update on Onsite Worship Services
Saturdays (6:30 p.m.) and Sundays (8:00 & 10:45 a.m.)
For those joining us online for worship or Bible study visit for video links.
Visit for more details.

Worship Attendance

  • We are not requiring signups to attend worship.
  • Those who join us onsite are asked to wear a mask in line with current Marion County requirements. Extra masks are available, but we encourage you to bring your own.
  • Social distancing – please sit at one of the designated seating locations within the sanctuary.

Parking and Entering the Building

  • Parking will be offered in the north parking lot only.
  • Exterior door #1 will be propped open and hand sanitizing stations will be available at all interior and exterior doors.

Worship Service Details

  • The video screen will be utilized for the liturgy and hymns.
  • Offering will be gathered in the appointed collection bins located at each door as you enter the sanctuary.
  • The Lord’s Supper will be available at the conclusion of all onsite worship services over the coming weeks.
  • The pastor will place on a small plate the number of wafers and wine cups needed for the individual, couple, or family as they approach the table.
  • After receiving the elements, the communicant(s) will be dismissed with a blessing. A receptacle will be available for you to dispose of your communion cup and plate before exiting the church.
  • Those who continue to engage in online worship may set up a time to receive private communion at the church from one of the pastors (Mon-Fri). Please contact the church office (317-783-2000 or ) to schedule a time.

Cleaning and Sanitizing
The worship areas, narthex, and bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized prior to and between each service.

Interested in Becoming a Member of Calvary?
We are developing plans and a format for our next Adult Foundations of Faith Class. This class provides practical answers about faith, the Lutheran Church, and Calvary's ministries. It also gives you the opportunity to become part of the Calvary family at the end of class. We are excited about the opportunity to connect with you and to help connect you with Jesus. If you have questions or are interested in this class, please email, call or text Kara Hiatt, 317-201-7268 or

Fall Mum Sale
Large potted 9” mums for $10.00. Order by Sun., Sept 13; pick up at Calvary on Sat., Sept 19 or deliver to your door. Colors: red, yellow, orange, white, pink. Email Pastor Art or Jake Allen . Benefits Calvary's Community Garden.

Facilities Work Day, Sat., Aug 22  9:00-11:00 a.m.
The Facilities team is looking for volunteers to help with some outdoor yard work (weeding, etc) on Sat., Aug 22 from 9:00-11:00 a.m.  

5th-8th Grades Youth Kick-Off
All youth in grades 5-8 are invited to our 5-8 kick-off on Sun., Aug 23 from 5:30-7:00 p.m. where we will play Calvary Monopoly! This is a live action version of the game where teams (grades) will run about the soccer field and playground area completing fun and goofy tasks to collect money that can be used to buy properties such as their classrooms, the gym, youth room, or sanctuary. But watch out, the jailers and tax collectors will be trying to tag you to take your money or take you to jail! The team with the most money invested in their properties at the end of the game wins! Attending youth should bring a facemask and water bottle. 

No Lunch, Still Learn
Join us for a video conference gathering on Wed., Aug 19, 11:00 a.m.  Topic: Meatless Meats and Plant-Based foods. Presenter: Chef Ian Phillips from Three Carrots in Fountain Square; Veggie burgers have been around for years, but there are so many new products on the market now. Come learn what they are made of and why their popularity is skyrocketing. We use the free Google Meet program to connect. For web link and instructions, visit or contact Emily Spelde,   317-695-9366 

Looking for a Sign? Pick up your Yard Sign Today!
Calvary’s Outreach Ministry Team invites you to pick up a yard sign from the narthex. Help us to reach neighbors, friends, and our community with the life-changing truth and grace of Jesus. Please only take one sign per family.

Compassion Ministry / Franciscan Health Donations
Compassion Ministry has partnered with Franciscan Health over the summer in support of the Chin Community. We are asking for donations of BREAKFAST items for the children and HYGIENE items for the families. Can you help support them with a donation of some of the following items?
Breakfast items: Cereal, Oatmeal, Breakfast bars, muffins, etc., Raisins or dried fruit
Hygiene items: Dish soap, Laundry detergent, Shampoo, Body wash, Toothpaste
Donations can be brought to the church narthex.

Gift Bags to Share—”Encourage One Another” (Thess. 5:11)
Random acts of kindness can do wonders to lift weary souls and encourage the troubled. In these days of worries and fears, we can be Christ’s hands and feet to others. The Compassion Team is making available gift bags for you to fill and share with someone who could use a lift. The bags are available in the narthex. Take a bag, fill it, and share it with someone who needs encouragement.

Into the Word—“Ezekiel” (Onsite or Online)
Onsite—Bible study is back onsite! Join us in the sanctuary during the Bible study hour (9:25-10:25am) to study the book of Ezekiel. Come hear about God's promises of salvation for Israel and the world.
Online—We will continue to live stream this study each Tuesday at 1:00 p.m. on Calvary’s Facebook page (, and you will still be able to watch the recording of the Bible study any time throughout the week. 

Saturday Evening Bible Study
A study of “Out Live Your Life” by Max Lucado continues with lesson 2 in the Conference Room at 5:00 p.m. Sat., Aug 23.  The title of Lesson 2 is “The Poor as Priority.” This lesson focuses on the great needs we are aware of in our own community as well as the world. 

Sunday School is Back!
Join us online for Sunday School this weekend! We will sing fun songs, play a game, and show you craft ideas as we learn about how God created us to be special. Find the link on our website. We are excited to "see" you! 


Prayer Support

Submit prayer requests to the church office at (317) 783-2000 or click here for our online prayer request form.

Ryan Redding; Jim Milligan; Bob Wilson; Kimberly Ebeyer, niece of Kristen Schwark

Patti Gonterman; SuAnn Handschy; Chris Hiatt; Jennifer Craft; Arthur Koehl, friend of Mike Louden

Glory VanArsdel; Janelle McCoy; Margie Mason; Connor Miles; Bonnie Brink; Jane Weeks; Mike Woodruff, step-father of Bryan Kem; Floyd Main, brother of Pastor Ray Main; Trish Kelsey, aunt of Kristen Schwark; Kelly Fromer, friend of Kristen Schwark; Joel Safir, friend of Bill Laut; Julie Murdock, friend of Steve & Pattie Bardonner; Eugene Keller; Gene Faubion, father of Jeff Faubion; Ronnie Anderson, brother-in-law of Margie Mason; Virginia Comer, Judy Irwin & Angie Verrill, friends of Margie Mason; Rylan Reese, grandson of Margie Mason; Christian Jacob, great-grandson of Margie Mason; DeAnn Head & Craig Keller, daughter & son of Eugene Keller; Crystal Salmon, niece of Eugene Keller; Norman Parks, brother of Ellwyn Parks; Norma Crawl, mother of Mike Carpenter; Nicole Munoz, friend of Beckie Hudson; Nancy Torrence, mother of Christy Gerken; Bob Oaks, brother-in-law of Matt Francis; Fred Morales, friend of Steve & Barb Sorgius; Heinz & Lenore Jung, parents of Mark Jung; Paula Spears, friend of Jim & Kristen Schwark; Chris Harrison, friend of Julie Sessions

Tony Reese, son of Margie Mason; Bernice Ross, mother of Dennie Morrison; Gertrude Heiden, mother of Judy Morrison; Al Durkee, father of Matthew Durkee; Debbie Reese, daughter of Margie Mason; Marsella Dickmeyer, aunt of Mike Carpenter

Connor Combs (NY); Grant Behning (AL); Chaplain Bill Yates (DC); Corey Langhammer (CA); Michael Van Arsdel, grandson of Glory Van Arsdel (deployed); Tommy Austin, friend of Erin Woempner (deployed); Ryan Oaks, nephew of Matt & Joely Francis (US); Braden Wilson, son-in-law of Danielle Burris (deployed); Dylan Bruner, nephew of Patty Rothkopf (US); Anthony & Joseph Fox, grandsons of Anita Fox (AL); Nicholas Haviland, nephew of Steve & Laura Currier (CA); Rich Hougesen, son-in-law of Rich Wilson (US); Mathew Giertz, godson of Rich Wilson (US); Colton Wilson, Caleb & Japheth Hougesen, grandsons of Rich Wilson (US); Andy & Rachel Miller, son & daughter-in-law of Mike & Susie Emmelman (VA); Austin Turner, nephew of Glenda Roundtree (WA); Wayde Cochran, great-nephew of  Steve & Pattie Bardonner

The Word is Near You

Pastor Kurt Ebert | August 9, 2020

Can we hear God’s voice above the noise of life? God invites us to find Him in His word and the lives of His messengers. He calls us in Romans 10... More

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