God has richly blessed the students and given them an opportunity to receive the love of Christ through Calvary India Mission.

by Pastor Udhayanesan Raji on March 01, 2024

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! I am so happy to greet you all through our newsletter. The Lord has done great things through Calvary India Mission in 2023. I had a blessed Trip to India last year. Visiting our mission work in India is always a great joy! I am very thankful to Calvary Lutheran Church and Mount Olive Lutheran Church for their continuous support. I was blessed to be in India for all of the Christmas celebrations in our tailoring and tuition/tutoring centers. God has richly blessed the students in all our mission centers and given them an opportunity to receive the love of Christ through Calvary India Mission. I am grateful to God for his healing as I fractured my foot in India during my 2023 visit. I do appreciate all of your prayers and love.

From the Leaders of Calvary India Mission, Staff, Students and Trainees, we bring you heartfelt wishes for a Happy Easter 2024! I do pray and wish you all to receive blessings from Jesus as we remember His sufferings, crucifixion and resurrection. We wish this year to be a year where God is our constant focus. Let His mercies be upon us. May God bless you all!!!

In His Mission,
Pastor Udhayanesan Rajipillai

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