By Debbie Yates and Barb Sorgius

by Barb Sorgius on April 17, 2024

Debbie Yates and Barb Sorgius presented a PowerPoint presentation of their Viking excursions to Greece, Turkey and Italy. Fifty people were in attendance, so the presentation was moved to the church Sanctuary. The large screens were used, so all could see the pictures clearly. The presentation was well received. People enjoyed how Debbie and Barb's excursions followed Paul’s journey, during Biblical times. Their favorite excursion was Ephesus, where Paul preached from a large rock area shown in the PowerPoint. Bible passages were read by Laura and Steve Currier, which further connected Paul’s journey to their excursions.

Click here to see Debbie and Barb's full presentation.

Keywords: adult, turkey, italy, greece, lunch & learn, viking