Calvary supports the Lutheran Hispanic outreach in Indianapolis.

by on October 16, 2023

August 2023

Dear members of Calvary and beyond,

Thank you for your generous support of Lutheran Hispanic outreach in Indianapolis!

I am Pastor Daniel Fickenscher, who has been called to lead this outreach effort since the death of our beloved brother in Christ Pastor Samuel Ruiz in June. It is an honor to continue the work that he began. Weekly Sunday Spanish services continue at Trinity Lutheran Church (8540 E 16th St., Indianapolis) but now at 3:30 pm. A new school year is underway at Trinity, so I am glad to be getting to know the Latino school families and working to connect them with the church families and the fullness of God’s riches. I have also enjoyed participating in Our Shepherd Lutheran Church’s (9201 E CR 100 N, Avon) bimonthly food distribution, where a large number of Spanish-speakers shop. Please keep me in mind as you consider how your congregation can serve the surrounding community. I’m eager to explore more outreach opportunities.

I am also called as an associate pastor of St. Paul Lutheran Church (6045 E State St., Columbus) serving primarily in Spanish to care for the Hispanic families that are already members as well as reaching out to others in the Columbus-Seymour area. After wrapping up Sunday mornings in Columbus, I head straight to Trinity. It certainly is exciting work that the Lord has given us!

Blessings in Christ!
Pastor Daniel Fickenscher

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