The 2023-2024 SGO year began July 1. The LUTHERAN SGO of Indiana is now accepting donations.

by Steve Rensner on July 14, 2023

Scholarship Tax Credit Information

Updates from the 2021-2022 School Year:

  • 28 families/individuals contributed over $125,000.00 towards this Scholarship Tax  Credit
  • This funded the need for 52 Scholarship grants.
  • Many grant recipients are now enjoying the benefit of a CHOICE State voucher.

2023-24 SGO needs

  • Our goal for this school year is $45,000.00 in scholarship grants
  • xx scholarship grant applications to be funded

Donor Information

  • Nearly $700,000.00 has been gathered through the state tax credit initiative over the past 10 years.
  • 50% Indiana state tax credit. Personal tax credits that remain against your tax liability may be used for up to 9 years. 
  • Be sure to identify Calvary Lutheran School, Indianapolis as the recipient of your donation. Donor forms are available at

Children will have the opportunity to hear God’s Word through your giving. God continues to open doors to others once thought closed due to financial needs. Your assistance in this program is so greatly appreciated!


Opening Doors 

God has blessed families of Indiana with the choice of sending their children to the school that they feel best meets their needs.  The LUTHERAN SGO of Indiana has changed the boundaries of the local school and greatly broadened them.  You have the opportunity to open even more doors allowing students to enter the hallways of Calvary Lutheran Church and School.  This opportunity will provide scholarship grants to students and their families.  Contributions made by you for this purpose will be used to offer a Christian education so that children may not only receive a quality education but hear God’s Word. 

How do I help open these doors?  Contribution forms for Lutheran SGO are available online at  Be sure to identify Calvary Lutheran on the form as the recipient of your donation.    The state of Indiana will give to you a tax credit of 50% of your donation.  Example:  If you give a gift of $1000.00 you will receive an Indiana state tax credit of $500.00.  This is a unique opportunity.  Our funding goal for all of these scholarship grants for current students enrolled at Calvary is $85,000.00.  As of November 16, we are still $45,000 short of our goal.

Those desiring to contribute to this fund may do so through December 31 to receive the tax credit for this 2022 calendar year.  Even better still, students under a Scholarship Granting Organization are eligible for a CHOICE Indiana state voucher the following school year.   

Questions: Call the school office at 317-783-2305.

We ask the Lord to provide for the needs of others through the gifts of our hands.

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