“Be Assured of This”

May 26, 2024

“Be Assured of This”

Passage: Acts 2:36

Preacher: Pastor Arthur Wehrmeister

Series: Holy Trinity

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church



On this day of Holy Trinity we are confronted with who God is through what God does. He is the mighty God, the One in Three, before whom we sing “Holy, Holy, Holy.” He is also the Christ, the Savior who comes in flesh to redeem His fallen creation and restore the lost to Himself. He is also the Spirit who blows when and where He wills but breathes life into those dead in trespasses and sin and bestows faith where fear once lived. It all is expressed in the God who so loved the world—the most familiar and beloved Bible passage. Here, in this Gospel in a nutshell, is the triune God at work for us and our salvation. Even though we don't have the assurance of safety and convenience of events in life, we always have the protection of God. The Lord goes before us into every situation. We need to remember this and not be shaken. God's presence is always there for us even we don't feel it. Yet we know that God has saved us through Jesus. We have been forgieven, redeemed, restored, and united with God. Thankfully, this doesn't depend on us. It is truly "blessed assurance." I speak Jesus (newsboys)


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