King Jesus?

Apr 02, 2023

King Jesus?

Passage: John 12:12-19

Preacher: Pastor Kurt Ebert

Series: Holy Week

Category: Calvary Lutheran Church

Keywords: spiritual, nationalism, politics, motivation, political, intention, deceiving ourselves, care for the nations


What happened to the enthusiasm of the crowd in the span of five days? How do we go from a celebratory parade welcoming Jesus on Sunday to a somber death march to the cross on Good Friday? It is insightful to reflect upon the question, "What is in the hearts and on the minds of the crowds in Jerusalem?" Perhaps, the same question might be asked of us. What is on our hearts and minds as we proclaim Jesus to be king? Do we follow Jesus only because it is “useful” for our own agenda?


(Note: The recordings begin with the Holy Gospel reading on which the sermon is based.)

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